Canyon State Electric Celebrates 45th Anniversary


Phoenix, AZ, March 22, 2023 – Electrical contractor Canyon State Electric (CSE) is celebrating 45 years of business today. The Phoenix-based company was founded on this date in 1978 by Steve Maderazzo as Canyon State Electric Co. Inc. 

Maderazzo led CSE for nearly three decades before appointing his children, Christopher Maderazzo and Stephanie Maderazzo-Hughes, as co-CEOs. 

“My sister and I had been working in the company our entire lives, but we probably started managing the day-to-day about ten to fifteen years ago,” said Christopher Maderazzo. “So we’ve done every kind of project in the Valley over that time period, as you can imagine, from multifamily, spring training complexes, retail data centers, everything.”

Last year, the sibling-CEO duo selected Robert Hughes, long-time Canyon State Electric vice president of operations, as company president. Under Hughes’ leadership, Canyon State Electric has built a new revenue pipeline through the VDC/BIM department; expanded the University of Canyon State Electric, the company’s safety and training program; formed a partnership with the Arizona Department of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH); and was named one of Inc.’s 5000 fastest growing companies.

“It all comes down to our culture and education. We strive to be the best and work hard but have a ton of fun along the way. We have the motto that this isn’t a job; it’s a career,” said Hughes. 

Canyon State Electric’s senior leadership has created a growth plan for the next five years which will expand offerings for client partners and solidify the company’s role as ‘The Single-Source Solution’ despite the challenges facing the industry. 

“Right now, everyone’s trying to figure out how to deal with labor shortages and material lead times. CSE has always had a proactive approach, not a reactive one,” said Hughes. “For our employees, we offer an exceptional benefits package with above-average compensation for pay. For materials, we’ve surrounded ourselves with great client and vendor partners that keep projects moving forward.”

“In 45 years, we’ve never been kicked off a project. We’ve never walked off a project. We’ve finished every project we’ve been contracted to and did the work the right way,” said Maderazzo. “With a history like that, clients will keep coming back because they know that Canyon State Electric will get the job done.”



About Canyon State Electric 

Canyon State Electric (CSE) is the single-source solution for electrical construction services in the Southwest. Founded in 1978 by Steven Maderazzo, CSE is now led by CEOs Stephanie Maderazzo-Hughes and Christopher Maderazzo. The company’s single location is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, where over one hundred electrical, life safety, and maintenance experts serve the surrounding community. 


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