Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)

There’s an old adage, “Measure twice, cut once.” We’ve expanded this philosophy to virtually construct every building before construction. With our VDC technology, we develop models of each piece of an electrical system, ensuring your project is optimized for success by verifying the accuracy of layouts.

Now you can visualize your conduits, cable trays, lighting fixtures, fire alarms, electrical room models, panels, and transformers before purchase and installation, allowing you to save on material and labor costs. 

Experience confidence in your construction plans unlike ever before with VDC. 

Planning and Execution Methods that Guarantee 3% Labor Cost Savings

3D Coordinated Design

View how all your systems fit together on our 3D, interactive blueprint. 

Onsite Automation

Augmented reality and Point Layout Technology ensure the fastest and most accurate build-out possible.


Greater collaboration in planning means a single installation with higher quality results.

Our VDC Services


CSE will accomplish the project design using Revit and other 3D tools. To develop the 3D model, our team will utilize the initial build model from the architects, which will be used as a source of information to produce underground and overhead designs. The combined BIM model will ultimately incorporate the work products from over a dozen different designers, consultants, and design-build subcontractors.


Canyon State Electric pairs BIM with Robotic Total Station technology to support field installations through point layout. An intelligent 3D modeling process allows the creation of a virtual build-out before stepping foot on site.

Robotic total stations are the fastest and most accurate layout technology in the industry.

Benefits & productivity in the field:

  • Superintendents report a 300-500% increase in layout speed with the accuracy and speed of Point Layout Technology.
  • Clients receive a higher quality product, and the project team experiences an advanced collaboration and installation process.


The team will independently model the MEP systems to ensure accurate fabrication and construction of MEP systems. The model will be reduced to the simplest geometric elements: points and arcs. By modeling the points as they exist in geometric space, the team will precisely coordinate all specifications and eliminate fabrication errors.

BIM Coordination Model

Field Execution


Using the intelligent project tracking platform StructionSite, Canyon State Electric can aggregate precise, time-stamped job site images that integrate with existing blueprints and have various applications, such as project updates, stakeholder meetings, or claims rebuttals. 

By overlaying 3D blueprints on StructionSite images, workers can actualize plans in augmented reality, reducing the risk of error and ensuring an accurate first-time install.


Canyon State Electric uses drones for as-built, surveying, construction site inspections, project progress reports, and promotional photography. 

Not only do drones lower the cost of these jobs, but they also make job sites safer as workers don’t have to be put in potentially dangerous situations to capture imagery.

Click to view drone videography featuring a site inspection.


Canyon State Electric will handover information rich coordinated model and shop drawings to support operations and maintenance at the end of the project. BIM will provide a greater understanding of what products are involved in the building, where they are in space, how they work, and how they all fit together.

360 Walkthroughs:

An Innovative VDC Partner

"Working with Raghav and CSE was a great experience. Raghav was very knowledgeable about the electrical system and the requirements needed for proper installation. He managed to stay true to the original intent of his design and was able to communicate well with the other trades to ensure the design was executed properly. Raghav was professional and thorough and I look forward to working with him in the future."

- Dean Miller, Virtual Construction Engineer

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