Canyon State Electric Partners with ADOSH to Develop Safety Program, Paves Way for VPP Star Accreditation

Sidney Hawkins, Canyon State Electric’s Safety & Training Manager, speaks with ADOSH CAS Supervisor Brandon Stowell during a site inspection.

Phoenix, AZ (April 12, 2022)  Canyon State Electric has signed a contract with the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH) to strengthen the company’s health and safety processes. The three-year agreement will seek to prevent job site hazards and start the process for OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) application.

To reach strategic safety goals, ADOSH is providing Canyon State Electric with training, workshops, webinars, and the implementation of a health management system. By the end of the agreement, Canyon State Electric will reduce injury, illness, and DART rates by fifteen percent; and implement a safety and health committee.

“ADOSH is the expert and we are proud to be in a partnership with them,” said Sidney Hawkins, Canyon State Electric’s Safety & Training Manager. “Alongside ADOSH, CSE will improve and innovate safety not only within the company but industry-wide. Our passion for safety does not stop at our doors— it  ‘bleeds’ into the entire industry.”

Hawkins oversees the University of Canyon State Electric, Canyon State Electric’s safety and training program offered to all employees. Since implementing the program, the company has maintained an experience modification rating— used to measure a company’s job site safety with regards to insurance premiums— under .7, thirty percent lower than the industry average. 

Brandon Stowell, CAS Supervisor for ADOSH, is Canyon State Electric’s assigned ADOSH inspector. “CSE already has many of the elements of the ADOSH mission in place. Through this new partnership, CSE and ADOSH will advance the protection of life, health, safety, and welfare of CSE’s workforce,” Stowell said.

“We are already looking beyond VPP. What comes after VPP? That’s what we want,” said Hawkins. 

Hawkins gives an example of inadequate fall protection during a University of Canyon State Electric class.



About Canyon State Electric 

Canyon State Electric is the single-source solution for electrical construction services in the Southwest. Founded in 1978 by Steven Maderazzo, CSE is now led by CEOs Stephanie Maderazzo-Hughes and Christopher Maderazzo. The company’s single location is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, where nearly one hundred electrical, life safety, and maintenance experts serve the surrounding community. 


The Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health develops partnerships that both help and educate the workforce on current OSHA standards and improve the overall safety and health by reducing employee injury and illnesses.