Power Your Business for

Less with Solar-Powered Generators

Whether you are powering construction sites, vendor trailers, or drive-thru healthcare facilities, our solar-powered generators offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to meet your unique business needs.

The Future of Mobile Power

For years, diesel-powered generators have been the go-to for many mobile businesses. But the noise from these generators can drive clients away while the cost eats at your profits. 

Solar-Powered Generators…

  • Cost less than diesel-powered generators
  • Eliminate the need for utility companies
  • Do not require a city permit to operate
  • Protect the environment by using a 100% clean, renewable energy source
  • Contain a backup generator in case batteries lose charge

Generator Specifications

  • 2 Outlets: 120/240 50-Amp Hubbell Twist
  • 4 Outlets: 120V 20-Amp Receptacle
  • 10 Solar Panels: 250W Each
  • 8 LED Light Cannons: 2 Acres of full light
  • 2 SMA DC-AC Inverters (6KWh x2 = 12KWh AC Output)
  • Power: 12kW Continuous | 24kW Surge

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