Suicide Prevention Week: Expert Available to Comment on Suicide Rate in Construction Industry

Phoenix, AZ – September 4 marks the beginning of Suicide Prevention Week, and the construction industry has the highest suicide rate of any field, with 53 suicides per one hundred thousand workers. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the main factors putting construction workers at risk for suicide are a high-pressure work environment, work at remote locations, a “tough guy” mentality, and opioid dependency. 

Canyon State Electric began a suicide prevention program earlier this year, 4×5, to teach employees how to recognize potential mental health issues in themselves and coworkers before they become unmanageable. The program has partnered Solari Crisis Response network for training and crisis resources.

The following Canyon State Electric health and safety expert offers comments for your coverage: 

“The construction industry is often misunderstood as a “toughen-up” industry. The truth is, the days of ‘walk-it-off’ and ‘suck-it-up’ are gone. Our industry is just as impacted and vulnerable as everyone else when it comes to mental health. We live, love, and care deeply,” said Sidney Hawkins, Safety and Training Manager. 

“On the job sites, we’re the front line. We’re the ones that know these individuals day in and day out. We spend just as much time with them as we do with our own families. So paying attention to them and using a simple approach, like you would with your buddy: ‘Hey, is everything okay? You seem a little off.’ That might be the one statement that gets them to open up and, in the long run, keeps them from committing suicide.”


Sidney Hawkins is the Safety and Training Manager for Canyon State Electric. He boasts nearly three decades of experience in the construction field and possesses numerous certifications, including OSHA 500, trainer-level certification for NFPA 70E, CPR/First Aid, MEWP, and fall protection. Hawkins instructs Canyon State Electric’s NCCER classes and is an IBOEHS Registered Safety Officer.

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About Canyon State Electric 

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