New Program Aims to Spread Awareness, Prevention of High Construction Suicide Rates

Phoenix, AZ – Canyon State Electric is introducing a new initiative targeting the leading cause of construction worker fatalities nationwide: suicide. The 4X5 program teaches employees to recognize potential mental health issues in themselves and their coworkers before they become unmanageable. 

According to Center for Disease Control statistics, suicide in the construction industry is four times higher than any other industry and five times as deadly as construction-related incidents. The main factors putting construction workers at risk are a high-pressure work environment, work at remote locations, a “tough guy” mentality, and opioid dependency. 

“The construction industry is often misunderstood as a ‘toughen-up’ industry. The truth is, the days of ‘walk-it-off’ and ‘suck-it-up’ are gone. Our industry is just as impacted and vulnerable as everyone else when it comes to mental health. We live, love, and care deeply,” said Sidney Hawkins, Canyon State Electric’s Safety and Training Manager. 

The 4X5 program equips workers on construction sites to identify personality changes in co-workers, such as lower productivity, lower self-confidence, decreased communication, signs of agitation, signs of substance abuse, disregard for safety, and self-isolation.

“Put aside your preconceived notions about construction workers and reach out. A simple and sincere, ‘How are you doing?’ is all it takes,” said Hawkins. 

4X5 will be introduced as a regular part of Canyon State Electric’s OSHA classes beginning Friday, June 3. 



About Canyon State Electric 

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