Mother-son Duo Build Multimillion-dollar Electrical Projects

Project Manager Janet Baker poses with her son Hunter on a job site in Mesa, AZ.


Phoenix, AZ, May 9, 2023 – As mothers and children across the country prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day, Janet Baker and her son, Hunter Baker, have different plans. The pair, both working for electrical contractor Canyon State Electric, are building multimillion-dollar electrical systems. 

Janet Baker started working in the construction industry over thirty years ago, starting as a receptionist and quickly transitioning into a project management role. When Hunter was looking for a job after high school, Janet encouraged him to look into construction. 

“I was 18 and just looking for somewhere that wasn’t fast food,” Hunter said. “She got me in touch with the owner of her company, and he started me in the warehouse.” 

Seven years later, Hunter is finishing his electrical apprenticeship to become a journeyman electrician. 

“I love troubleshooting and the craftsmanship. When you pipe a room, or you see something that looks off and you fix it, you stand back, and it’s like, ‘Wow, that looks great.’ That makes me feel really good,” Hunter said.

Janet and Hunter’s relationship as coworkers has affected their home life— sometimes in surprising ways. 

“What order is high voltage color?” Hunter asks. 

Laughing, Janet explains, “He likes to quiz me because I’m not an electrician. I don’t have to know how to wire a building. But it’s really nice having somebody in the family to talk to about it.”

“All the stuff she does, I don’t ever get to see for the most part,” Hunter said. “It’s cool because I get to hear about the job and think about how her side will work here in the field.”

Although Hunter enjoys his electrical work, he hopes to one day join his mom in the office. 

“I think doing estimating or project management work would be neat, but I’m not sure yet. That’s why electrical is great; you can branch out into so many different things,” Hunter said.

The pair plan on spending Mother’s Day with the rest of Janet’s children and grandchildren.




About Canyon State Electric 

Canyon State Electric (CSE) is the single-source solution for electrical construction services in the Southwest. Founded in 1978 by Steven Maderazzo, CSE is now led by CEOs Stephanie Maderazzo-Hughes and Christopher Maderazzo. The company’s single location is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, where over one hundred electrical, life safety, and maintenance experts serve the surrounding community. 


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