Power Your Business for Less with Trailer Mounted Solar-Powered Generators 

Whether you are powering construction sites, vendor trailers, or drive-thru healthcare facilities, our solar-powered generators offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to meet your unique business needs. 

The Future of Mobile Power

For years, diesel-powered generators have been the go-to for many mobile businesses. But the noise from these generators can drive clients away while the cost eats at your profits. 

Solar-Powered Generators…

  • Cost less than diesel-powered generators
  • Eliminate the need for utility companies
  • Do not require a city permit to operate
  • Protect the environment by using a 100% clean, renewable energy source
  • Contain a backup generator in case batteries lose charge

85% Savings on Fuel

.75 gal/hr Fuel Consumption


  • 2 Outlets: 120/240 50-Amp Hubbell Twist
  • 4 Outlets: 120V 20-Amp Receptacle
  • 10 Solar Panels: 250W Each
  • 8 LED Light Cannons: 2 Acres of full light
  • 2 SMA DC-AC Inverters (6KWh x2 = 12KWh AC Output)
  • Power: 12kW Continuous | 24kW Surge

About CSE Solar

For over four decades, we’ve been designing and installing electrical systems throughout the valley and beyond, leading the charge in innovation to give our clients the best possible experience and results. Discovering our clients’ need for mobile power, we decided to embrace sustainability and offer a lineup of generators using solar power. 

Our solar-powered generators are often used for temporary power/lighting at construction sites, vendor trailers at festivals, sporting events, healthcare drive-thru facilities, and more. They are an excellent emergency power source due to the unmatched reliability of solar energy, so you can be confident in knowing your projects will remain on schedule.

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