Advance Your Career & Electrical Expertise with the University of Canyon State Electric

Many electricians get stuck in a rut because they don’t believe they can balance electrical courses with a busy work schedule. But continuing your education is the best way to increase your earning potential and take your career to new places.

With the University of Canyon State Electric, it’s easy to add career-enhancing classes to your life. You’re in control— choose the individual classes that interest you, or take a series of courses to get ahead. We give personal attention to each student to further their occupational goals, so no matter which path you choose, you’ll feel fulfilled by your career and your accomplishments.

Build Your Career with UCSE


All classes are outside of work hours, so you’ll never have to worry about conflicts.


The more classes you take, the more likely you are to get raises and incentives in your current position.


Get the qualifications you need to get promoted and move toward your career goals.

Who Can Attend UCSE?

The University of Canyon State Electric is open to all electricians, regardless of age, years of experience, or former education. Canyon State Electric employees can take classes for free, while employees of other companies can attend for a per-class fee. 

Not an electrician? We offer OSHA 10, OSHA 30, and NFPA 70E certification to all tradesmen.

July 2022 Course Catalogue

07/08 - OSHA 30 (Day 4)

07/09 - Intermediate Blueprint Reading

07/11 - MEWP

07/12 - MEWP

07/15 - OSHA 10 (Part 1)

07/16 - E 101-1 NEC Conduit and Raceways

07/18 - CPR

07/19 - Mandatory Apprentice Meeting

07/23 - CPR

07/25 - CPR

07/29 - OSHA 10 (Part 2)

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